Manhattan map

Manhattan Map for drivers

The map is our new product of 2010, it is expected to be published periodically. Our goal is to reach the maximum number of drivers. The map is color printed, folded, and laminated for durable use. The map is recommended mainly for:
  • NYC Taxi drivers
  • Limo and car service drivers
  • all other commercial drivers of NYC
  • Visitors

Map features

How is different from other maps in the market?
Most of maps sold about NYC are usually targeting tourists. Therefore, they lock the features a driver needs to know in his daily job. Our map is specialy designed to satisfy drivers needs. Map Main Features are:

  • Restrooms
  • Taxi stands
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels directory
  • Easy Manhattan avenues key number system
  • Police precincts
  • Car washes
  • Museums
  • Schools

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